Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jim Hogg Park - Georgetown Texas

Jim Hogg Park
Georgetown, TX
November 20-22, 2009

We went on a spur of the moment weekend camping trip with ten other families. Turns out bad weather came in (cold & wet...nothing dangerous) and everyone bailed. I don't blame them, they were all planning on tent camping. It sure is nice having an RV
trailer : )
From door to door this park is 30 minutes away. Just a short drive up IH 35 from Round Rock. This is an excellent park for winter camping. I don't think I would give high marks for summer camping due to the lack of trees/shade on the RV spots.
The best thing about this park is the new hugh covered picnic areas. I'm not sure if these were replaced because of the 2007 July flood. They sure are nice. We were able to keep our supplies and firewood out of the weather. Each spot also has a fire ring and a barbque pit. Some of the firerings have grills on them as well. The pads are paved and in decent shape that are long and flat. We had a waterview spot that sits on a ridge overlooking the lake. You could tie a boat off and walk up, but it's probably a good 100 yards downhill to the water.
The lake is small and we did see a couple of fishing boats out and about. I'm not sure how busy this lake gets during the summer, but with just a 30 minutes drive, I might have to check it out this NOTICE NO TREES
next summer.
The fishing area lost it's fishing dock. So, we just fished from the bank. There are stairs down to the fishing area. The park also has a two lane boat ramp with a very steep angle.
- 30 minutes door to door
- Fantastic picnic area covered shelter....almost like a small cabin.
- several double RV spots....good for camping with other families.
- nice waterview spots of Lake Georgetown.
- Lack of shade for summer camping.
- Hiking Trail very short.


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